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Bardahl XTC C60 10W40
  • Bardahl XTC C60 10W40

XTC C60 10W40 Bardahl

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1l XTC C60 10W40 high performance oil tested in motor sport racing and intended for the most demanding users for sports and non-sports uses


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Technical characteristics BARDAHL XTC C60 10W40:

  • MCO Tailored Chemistry - custom-developed for motorcycle applications and added with polar plus + fullerene C60 BARDAHL
  • Formulated with high strength polymers Radial Polymer Structure with high Shear Stability
  • Counteracts the formation of deposits ensuring maximum cleanliness of the engine
  • Ensures maximum lubrication efficiency even in the harshest use
  • Controls viscosity decay due to excessive temperature rise
  • 100% synthetic.
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