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Sidi Stivali Crossfire 2 SIDI - 1
  • Sidi Stivali Crossfire 2 SIDI - 1

Sidi Stivali Crossfire 2

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Crossfire 2 cross / enduro boots


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Technical features Sidi Crossfire 2 boots:

  • REPLACEABLE FRONT: The PU front is anatomically shaped and replaceable, the plastics feature innovative graphics.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND REPLACEABLE MICROMETRIC LEVER: Crossfire 2 uses a four-lever closure, each consisting of a toothed strap and a coupling with micrometric adjustment memory. Lever, strap and hook are easily replaceable. The levers have only one fixing point (by means of a screw) and this allows an easy closing of the same allowing the boot to adapt to the position of the rider. The peculiarity of the boot is that the four levers work independently of each other. This system allows the boot to adapt more easily to the various positions of the leg, making it more comfortable.
  • DOUBLE FLEX SYSTEM: CROSSFIRE 2 maintains the Sidi “Flex system” technology with the two joints. The first, on the ankle, which allows a better flexion movement of the leg and the possibility of assuming a more natural and correct position on the platform. The pins that regulate the Flex System are replaceable. The second joint, on the leg, improves the flexibility of the boot and the adjustment of the leg itself. In this way the rider can personally manage the closure on the calf as needed, thus obtaining a comfortable fit.
  • CALF ADJUSTMENT: The boot leg is equipped with a replaceable internal muffler plate, made of PU and equipped with a molded rubber insert, suitable for protecting the leg from engine heat and wear. The muffler plate has a double internal adjustment, which allows you to widen the opening of the boot and also accommodate the largest calves and braces. This adjustment has been further increased for greater performance.
  • PROTECTIONS: -A- The heel is molded and shaped, and is made of PU. Its particular shape has been studied and perfected to improve the safety of the foot in case of torsion. The new heel ensures comfort and stability. -B- The boot is equipped with a protection on the metatarsus. A rigid nylon insert has been applied to protect the inside of the boot in case the rider's foot slips off the footboard or kickstarter. The insert can be replaced by unscrewing the 4 screws. -C-The toe of the boot is entirely wrapped in a plastic protection enriched by a geometric design in slight relief for greater grip. -D- A spoiler has been applied to deviate from the first foreign body closing hook and to protect the lever itself.
  • ASSEMBLED AND REPLACEABLE CUFF - SEAMLESS: The leg is fully assembled with the aid of screws, has no seams and is entirely replaceable.
  • IDEAL SOLE: Non-slip fixed rubber sole
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