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Nexx X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal helmet
  • Nexx X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal helmet
  • Nexx X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal helmet
  • Nexx X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal helmet
  • Nexx X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal helmet

Nexx X.Wed2 Vaal Helmet

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X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal Touring/Adventure Helmet

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Technical characteristics X.Wed2 Carbon Vaal:

  • LIGHTER THAN EVER: Welcome to the new X-PRO CARBON fiber – a new technology that allows an even lighter carbon shell, with only 1450 grams!
  • CONTEMPORARY MASTERY: With the new X-PRO Carbon technology, the fiber/resin ratio is perfectly measured and controlled. This helps to reduce the consumption of epoxy resin by about 15%, also reducing obsolescence times but above all, allowing to achieve the maximum properties of carbon fiber, in terms of impact resistance and weight.
  • MORE COMFORT: The new X.WED 2 Carbon is available in multiple sizes: 3 different shells and 4 EPS lining shells combine more compact dimensions with an extraordinary fit and comfort. In addition to the incredible lightness, the interior comfort has been refined, tested in addition in extreme and adverse weather conditions.
  • NEW INTERIOR TRIM, IMPROVED DESIGN: The interior is as comfortable as it is functional. All pieces are completely removable, washable and made with dry X-MART fabrics that provide a feeling of pleasant softness and dry twice as fast as a normal fabric. The improved design creates first-class comfort, regardless of the duration of the trip. Luxury details, such as synthetic inserts with textured finish and orange back stitch, all combined with black reflective fabric, are a delight for the eyes.
  • QUICK ACCESS TO THE HYDRATION BAG: The new pillows with X-HIDRO system include smart straps that allow you to attach the tube and mouthpiece of the camel bag. Simple to install, the pillows with X-HIDRO straps are included as standard in the new VAAL and will be available as an extra accessory; Compatible with all X.WED 2 models.
  • SUN VISOR: Internal sun visor shade 80% equipped with simple push-button mechanism that can be operated even in poor condition with dust, mud, etc.
  • REMOVABLE CHIN STRAPS: The new removable chin straps that can be removed and washed, with great ease, to clean mud or dust after more extreme raids.
  • TESA EXTENDER: For highway or off-road use, adjustable in motion and without tools.
  • EMERGENCY STRAP V2: Incorporated into each cheek padding, the new "Emergency Strap System V2" was an afterthought to allow easier and gentler access to the head of an injured motorcyclist by trained medical personnel.
  • ACTION CAMERA SUPPORT INCLUDED: A removable stand can be easily inserted on top of the visor.
  • ALTERNATIVE FRONT VENTILATION KIT: The accessory kit continues to include special chin ventilation for off-road action.
  • INTERCOM PREDISPOSITION: X.WED2 is equipped by default to accommodate the X-COM Helmets NEXX system developed in collaboration with the renowned Bluetooth specialist SENA. The X-COM is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset with a long-distance Bluetooth intercom designed specifically for riders who prefer a smaller form factor to maximize their motorcycle racing performance, while maintaining the rich features of the Bluetooth intercom.
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